Improve Your Tools

If you want to succeed, you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Our SIZER™ financial calculator is easy to use, reduces user error and makes the hard math simple. The emailing and reporting capabilities of our SIZER™ tool are unparalleled by competitive technology and the customization of the tool and its data keep it a great fit for you and your team.

Key Features

  • User friendly interface for RPN financial calculator
  • Accounting tape recording your entries step by step for review and distribution
  • Register view to easily access your stored data
  • Intuitive date math
  • Full amortization schedule, formatted and ready to email
  • Actual/360 accrual method supported
  • Amortizing, full term IO and partial term IO supported
  • Input Max LTV, Min. DSCR, Min. Debt Yield and requested loan proceeds constraints for sizing analysis
  • Attractive sizing report for emailing
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